About Us

School is powerful.  Children who stay in school are more likely to stay out of the criminal justice system.

  • A child who is suspended is twice as likely to be arrested during the month of their suspension. (Monahan, VanDerhei, Bechtold, & Caufmann, 2014)
  • Children with a history of suspensions were 68 percent more likely to drop out of school, according to a national study. (Suh, Suh, and Houston, 2007)
  • Students with only 3 suspensions during the ninth grade had a 49% chance of dropping out of high school, according to a large study of Florida students. (Balfanz, Byrnes, and Fox, 2012)
  • Academic improvement is associated with less delinquent behavior over time. (Hoffmann, Lance, and Spence, 2013)

Keeping children in school can improve their lives.

  • African-American men under age 35 who did not complete high school are more likely to be in prison than employed. (National Research Council, 2014)
  • Students that stay in school and do not drop out have unemployment rates that are half their peers who leave school. The median pay among workers with a high school degree was $815 per week, compared to workers without a high school degree, who made only $471 per week. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013)

We advocate for students with disabilities to have a good education and a bright future.